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Founded Febraury 25th, 2011 in response to the call for democracy in Libya, the New Libya Foundation serves to nurture democratic foundations through the building of Libyan civil society from the ground up. The most vital element of a new Libya is a society that is able to determine the course of its future, and contribute in setting the priorities of its governing body. No call to democratic governance can be realized until people organize to address their concerns and aspirations.

The Libyan people have taken on the cause of building their nation and empowering citizens. The New Libya Foundation is working to provide the resources and means necessary to build the civic institutions of the new Libya and generations to come.

Our Mission
Nurture the successful development of civil society organizations in Libya through training, education, access to resources and financial assistance. Our vision is broad with our immediate focus on: Civic engagement, inclusiveness, and association.

One Year Ago…

One year ago today, the New Libya Foundation and partners launched the “Roghata” Community Based Urban Planning Charette Program for sustainable development. Thank you to videographer Mohamed Al Yacoubi for this tribute.

Launch of Goodwill Charter Media Campaign

The Goodwill Charter Campaign was successfully launched today, June 19th, with exclusive interviews with the campaign team on four major television networks, including the state network “Al-Wataniya”, the more conservative “Al-Nabaa”, the more liberal leaning “Al-ahrar”, and Al-Assema. The campaign was surprisingly received with support across political factions, despite the charter taking hard political [...]

Almithaq Ad Launch.

Appearing on Al Naaba, Libya Al Ahrar and Alassema through July 20th. Much gratitude to Mr. Mohamed Alakkari and the ArtTech team for this generous contribution.

Meet the Constitution Makers from Tripoli


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April 5th, Tripoli’s democratically elected Constitution Drafting Assembly members presented their vision of what the constitution making process should look like, and addressed questions posed by Networker guests. Two of the five assembly members chose to decline the invitation just minutes before the event, presumably out [...]

“The Networker” Launch


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On Dec. 18th, 2013, leaders from across sectors (civil society, government, Media, Businessess, diplomats, INGOs) convened for the first civil society Networker, sponsored by USAID. The event theme was Fiscal transparency and accountability.

Former consultant to the Libyan Investment Authority, Mr. Salah Baccouch, shared disturbing figures [...]

Misurata Leadership in Civil Society Program

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The Leadership in Civil Society (LCS) Program, launched on March 24 and began with three weeks of intensive seminars. The first week was a workshop covering Project Management, the second week focused on Leadership, and the third was Civil Society & Democracy. The participants experienced a rigorous [...]

The Democracy Resource Center Launch

This month, the NLF will launch the DRC (Democracy Resource Center) in our new offices located in Hay Al-Andulus. The NLF will operate the DRC in conjunction with the IFES (International Foundation for Electoral Systems) to educate the Libyan people about the election process and its vital role in enhancing civil society. The objectives of [...]

Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

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The aim of the New Libya Foundation is to develop the capacity of the Libyan civil society. This entails coaching civil society activists while they formalize their team and vision into an organization, as well as helping them articulate and implement their projects.

However, establishing an organization [...]