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Founded Febraury 25th, 2011 in response to the call for democracy in Libya, the New Libya Foundation serves to nurture democratic foundations through the building of Libyan civil society from the ground up. The most vital element of a new Libya is a society that is able to determine the course of its future, and contribute in setting the priorities of its governing body. No call to democratic governance can be realized until people organize to address their concerns and aspirations.

The Libyan people have taken on the cause of building their nation and empowering citizens. The New Libya Foundation is working to provide the resources and means necessary to build the civic institutions of the new Libya and generations to come.

Our Mission
Nurture the successful development of civil society organizations in Libya through training, education, access to resources and financial assistance. Our vision is broad with our immediate focus on: Civic engagement, inclusiveness, and association.

Featured Misurata Participants

Osama Elaieb










Osama is currently a student at the College of Industrial Technology where he chairs the Student Union. He has experience in civil society as an active member of Al-Karama Forum and is also the founder and member of the Al-Edbaa Movement, in addition to civil education projects in Misurata. He is interested in drafting new regulations for the Student Union as a result of observing student elections. Osama is focused on securing the rights and duties of his fellow students through drafting a more established set of student regulations. He hopes to use the skills learned from Situation Analysis and Stakeholder Analysis and is now working on Problem Analysis at the Misurata Incubator Center.

Osama enjoys the teamwork aspect of civil society. He also enjoys collecting currencies as a hobby during his free time. His vision for Libya is a stable state of institutions that is a constitutional democracy.


Taha Darrat










Taha is a medical student at Misurata University. He worked in civil society during the revolution in humanitarian aid and raising support for revolutionaries at the front. Following the liberation of Libya, Taha also worked for a campaign to collect aid to help Syrians. He is currently a member of the Association of Libya’s Heroes for Amputees. His project focuses on working with amputees in order to provide better healthcare and prosthetics. Taha currently finished two stages within the Misurata Incubator Center, Situation Analysis and Stakeholder Analysis, and is now working on Problem Analysis. His hobbies include football, swimming, and travel. He loves using his computer and English language skills to communicate with the international community.


Rabia Matous









Rabia is a native of Misurata and comes from a long line of Libyan revolutionaries that date back to the Italian occupation. More recently in February 17th Revolution, she was active in the group of martyr’s mothers with support from the Shahid Media Movement, which covered the events and news within Misurata during the crisis.

Rabia has a B.S., B.A., and 24 years of experience in teaching. She is currently working in education inspection and is the co-founder of An-Nokba Union for Comprehension Development. Rabia also helped organize the role of women in building the state of law conference, in addition to being the co-founder of the Libya Women’s Union. She attended many workshops about the constitution and has written a newspaper and magazine since 1986. She is interested in politics and media, with a focus on education. Her hobbies include literature and the Internet. Rabia hopes to see Libya become a civil state with respect for the rule of law and support for its citizens in all capacities.

Rabia is interested in civil society, especially in the strengthening CSOs. She is therefore working to design a project that serves CSOs to be more active and effective. She has completed instruction in Situation Analysis and Stakeholder Analysis and is now working in Problem Analysis and Defined Teamwork.


Omar Shahban











Omar has extensive experience on the business world where he worked before participating in the February 17th Revolution where he was injured and lost his leg. He was treated in Misurata, Benghazi, and Egypt where his leg was amputated. He then received treatment in the UK where he was given a prosthetic leg and learned English. He is interested in computers and playing sports, especially football.

Omar’s project focuses on supporting poor families by providing them with opportunities to improve their lives. This project focuses on serving a wide range of vulnerable and poor individuals through education and health. Omar is now practicing the first stages of Situation Analysis and Stakeholder Analysis.


Ibrahim Abu Fonas












Ibrahim is native to Misurata and is a specialist in technological programming and systems. He graduated from the Media Institute at the top of his class in 2002 with a degree in Computer Programming. He completed his studies and received an advanced diploma in Computer Programming in 2006 before working as an instructor, then trainer. He is now a postgraduate student in the Libyan Academy.

Ibrahim loves to help others in addition to enjoying hobbies such as drawing, literature, surfing the net, and learning about new information technology.  His dream is to become a professor in Computer Sciences and an author of books and scientific papers.

Ibrahim is interested in technology and training and is currently conducting a project for students in higher education about computer knowledge and reforming the job market for youth and students. He has done Situation Analysis and is now carrying out surveys to learn students’ needs and gain their feedback, which will allow him to design a good project to serve the student target group.


Faraj Alkabeer












Faraj is a business owner with over 17 years of experience in trade. He obtained a degree in Electromechanical Engineering in 1995, but chose to be a business owner rather than focus on engineering. Faraj has a great interest in civil society and hopes to develop and contribute to Libya’s new democratic transition.

Faraj is interested in civil awareness and is working to find a productive project to increase awareness of civil engagement through the skills obtained from Situation Analysis and Stakeholder Analysis.


Hamida Eljhimi











Hamida is native to Misurata and is an active member of the city’s business community where she contributes through charity work. During the February 17th Revolution, she supported many associations that focus on helping families and children. She is now a board member of these committees. Hamida is now working to design a project for children with Down Syndrome and Autism.


Mohamed Elswayah













Mohamed holds an M.B.A. from Egypt and is now working in marketing and cooperation for the Misurata Free Zone. He has 13 years of professional experience in the fields of production, commerce, and marketing. He attended many training courses in Human Development and is interested in strategic planning and voluntary works.

Mohamed has experience in civil society by participating in many voluntary activities, such as his role as the leader of the committee on election monitoring. Additionally, he managed and executed many of the gatherings and activities in civil society. Mohamed is looking to prepare a project for talented students between the ages of 6 and 12.


Gamal Shenishah












Gamal is native to Misurata and is a proud father of a martyr from the February 17th Revolution. He holds a B.A. in Geography and has over 16 years of teaching experience. He currently works in social affairs as the head of the Media & Training department. He is interested in drawing and the arts and organized and participated in many local and national art festivals and exhibitions. He is also interested in journalism, tourism, and human development, of which he took many training courses and contributed to the community. Galam’s vision for Libya includes a constitution with divided authorities and a media that is free and independent.

Gamal is working to design a special project that provides psychological treatment for children affected by the traumatic effects of war. Through drawing and art he will work with a specialist team to treat children and provide psychological support.


Basma Eljhimi












Basma has a B.S. and over 21 years experience in education. She is now working as the manager of Zohur Almustaqbal Kindergarten in Misurata, which was established after the February 17th Revolution. It is currently joined with the government sector and won the award for best self-funded Kindergarten.

Basma enjoys travel and has visited over 18 countries. She is always keen to help people during the crisis and offer the support of the IDPs. After the liberation of the country, she participated in many NGOs as activists in civil society. She attended many training courses in human development and civil society. Basma is interested in working with children and she is currently designing a children’s club to help children learn while having fun.


Tahani Ematiq












Tahani is native to Misurata and holds a B.A. in Psychology and a M.S. degree on Psychological Counseling and Guidance in 2013. She currently works with the Mental Capacity Development Center in Misurata. She also works with Mutamaizon Enda Allah Association for children with special needs, especially Down Syndrome and Autism. Tahani also has experience volunteering in the psychiatric field with a team of psychiatric and mental health specialists from Aloswak Hospital in Misurata. She also attended several training courses in the field of mental health and human development. Tahani is interested in designing a project that benefits the lives of Autistic children.


Suliman Elrajoubi














Suliman is currently a postgraduate student at the School of Engineering at Misurata University. He also has a B.S. of Electric Engineering from The College of Industrial Technology. He is currently working as the Head of Department of the Misurata Combined Cycle Power Plant, General Electric Company of Libya. He is the member of the IEEE (Engineering Association), and Graduate Students’ Association.

Suliman is interested in enhancing skills through interaction with experts, learning the workings of government, and networking with potential contacts for future cooperation. He is also interested in gaining exposure to specialized facilities that are unavailable in Libya. He wants to understand the legislative process and learn how to provide assistance to legislators and their constituents. Suliman would also like to learn more about the range of careers available to people interested in public service. He is interested in personal development, professional preparation, and work-based learning opportunities.

Suliman is interested in renewable resources, community development, and volunteerism. He is also working to prepare a campaign about awareness against drugs and advise youth about its dangers.