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Founded Febraury 25th, 2011 in response to the call for democracy in Libya, the New Libya Foundation serves to nurture democratic foundations through the building of Libyan civil society from the ground up. The most vital element of a new Libya is a society that is able to determine the course of its future, and contribute in setting the priorities of its governing body. No call to democratic governance can be realized until people organize to address their concerns and aspirations.

The Libyan people have taken on the cause of building their nation and empowering citizens. The New Libya Foundation is working to provide the resources and means necessary to build the civic institutions of the new Libya and generations to come.

Our Mission
Nurture the successful development of civil society organizations in Libya through training, education, access to resources and financial assistance. Our vision is broad with our immediate focus on: Civic engagement, inclusiveness, and association.

The Networker

4th Networker Event, Tripoli Incubator Center

4th Networker Event, Tripoli Incubator Center

The Networker program facilitates a network of cross-sector leadership to promote civil society causes. Each monthly networking event addresses a single critical issue impacting Libya’s transition to democracy. The televised event gathers leaders among select nascent CSOs, INGOs, corporations, businesses, members of government and parliament, diplomats, and the media to learn about and share thoughts around a critical issue or cause. It begins with a presentation about the selected cause by an expert advocate, and transitions into an organized dialogue among the various actors. The event ends in a dinner reception and one-on-one networking to synergize efforts and expand stakeholder influence.

Short-term Objectives:

1) Reaching across sectors for greater cooperation and participation in addressing challenges to the transition.
2) Increased CSO access to funding, and training opportunities through relations with INGOs, and foreign embassy representatives. .
3) CSO access to congress, government officials, and the election commission advocate for their issues in real time.
4) Live media coverage to give causes a platform, and promote dialogue, cross-sector partnerships, and win/win approaches to problem solving.

Activist Mosaddaq Hobrara with the EU Delegation

Activist Mosaddaq Hobrara with the EU Delegation

Long-Term Objectives:

5) Development of positive relationships between CSOs, media and decision makers.
6) Strengthening of CSO networks for broader, more effective advocacy and public awareness campaigns, and the sharing of opportunities and resources.

Themed Events:

Each networking event is themed to the Libyan transition process, and the causes the civil society. Past event themes have included:

- Where Have the Billions Gone? Creating measures for greater transparency and accountability in governance.
- A New Roadmap for Political Transition: Abdulrauf Beitelmal presents the roadmap adopted by Congress, and expected challenges in implementation.
- Introduction to Tripoli’s Constitution Making Representatives
- Introduction to Libya’s National Dialogue Initiative
- Critical Political Dialogue: The need to establish agreement before elections.
- Ramadan Nights: History of Religious Pluralism in Libya (postponed).